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Woodstock Quarry Clean Process Water Pump

The process of rock quarrying starts with blasting large pieces of rock from a quarry rock face. These large rocks are transported to a crusher where the rocks are crushed to a useable size for processing and then sieved into various sizes. Water is pumped into the sieves to make the rock slurry more fluid and allow it to more easily flow through the wash plant. The water that is used for washing / liquifying the slurry is collected and pumped to a settling pond where the fine particles settle out and the water is ready for reuse in the wash plant.

Collecting and reusing process water is very important in quarry and mining operations as the amount of fresh water that can be added to the process is strictly controlled by permits. Also, governments and stakeholders are demanding that mining companies become more efficient at water reuse and water management.

Interpump was contacted by Sovereign Fusion Inc. to provide guidance on process pump and piping selections for size and pressure rating. The goal of this project was to find the most cost-effective combination of pump and pipe size to supply the current and future wash water flow with minimum horsepower. Interpump was to supply the pumps and motors. Sovereign Fusion was to supply the pipe, fabricate a floating raft and complete all installation at site.

Interpump was provided with initial information about the project and a Google earth view of the quarry operation showing the intended pipeline route and the elevations of significant landmarks along the route.

From the information provided we generated a preliminary layout of the pipe elevations and completed friction loss calculations on various pipe sizes and potential pressure ratings. Once this was completed a preliminary pump selection was completed using Xylem Goulds pump selection software. An iterative process of adjusting pipe pressure ratings and pump discharge pressures was completed to arrive at a good match of pipe size / pressure rating and pump selection.

The preliminary selection was provided to Sovereign Fusion. Several revisions of the project were required before Interpump was awarded the project in January of 2020. Our value-added design work to provide Sovereign Fusion with appropriate pipe sizing and pressure ratings helped us secure this order.

The products ordered for this project were two large Xylem Goulds 5 stage line shaft turbines complete with 350HP 1800RPM vertical Hollow shaft motors.

Interpump will also provide pump start up, commissioning and training and will perform vibration analysis and balancing of the pump and motor assembly once they are installed.

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