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Pumps Industrial/Commercial

Pump equipment has a wide range of uses in commercial, industrial and building service applications. Designing a properly operating pump system is about selecting the right pump for the application. Whether it is a centrifugal, single or multi-stage design, Interpump can recommend and supply the pump you need. We can choose from a variety of material configurations, flow capacities and pressure ratings to meet your exact requirements.

In addition to moving water, special construction pumps can also be used for a wide selection of other liquids such as chemicals, reclaimed water, corrosive and hazardous fluids, oils, etc.

Pump solutions can be provided for a variety of customer requirements including:

Our solutions are also supported by a large inventory of key items for fast shipment and emergency response. Our QRP Quick Response Program is designed to meet customer needs when faced with a critical breakdown or rush requirement. Please see our QRP Quick Response Program for more details.

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Critical commercial pump breakdown?

Our QRP provides priority support for fast and dependable pump replacement. More details...