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Project Announcement: Interpump to Provide Pumps for Kitchener Historic Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo is constructing a new Water Treatment Plant at the site of the existing Strange Street Pumping Station in the City of Kitchener. The existing pumping station building is listed under the City of Kitchener’s Heritage Register as a non-designated property of heritage value or interest. Therefore, the heritage structure is being restored and enlarged through a building addition with reservoir. The new building will house a new water treatment process designed to accommodate increased flow and treatment requirements.

The project involved several sub-projects including installation of three (3) low lift pumps, three (3) high lift pumps, two (2) backwash supply pumps and two (2) supernatant pumps. Interpump was contacted by Stantec, the engineer contracted by the Region of Waterloo, to assist with selecting the vertical and submersible turbine pumps for the new treatment plant.

Interpump engineers worked closely with Stantec to customize the design to meet the project requirements. Many pump models were analyzed and compared in order to achieve an optimal pump design. Multiple design constraints such as a wide flow range requirements and low water level close to the minimum submergence requirements of the pumps made the Backwash and High Lift vertical turbine pump selections especially difficult. Vertical turbine pumps are used in high chlorine water (>1mg/L), therefore non-standard materials had to be used. Moreover, the low water level for the supernatant pumps was marginal for the original concept using submersible turbine pumps. We investigated self-priming pumps and also canned vertical turbine pumps. It was determined that there was insufficient floor space to accommodate these pump styles. Ultimately, the design proceeded with submersible turbine pumps in flow inducer sleeves. Interpump provided design guidance for the flow inducer sleeves.

Interpump engineers selected and proposed eight multi-stage Xylem Goulds VIT-DIFM vertical Turbine pumps and two Xylem Goulds VIS-BAT Submersible Turbine Pump that could meet all the requirements of the site. The pumps selection was assisted using Goulds Water Technology (a Xylem Brand) selection software. Goulds Water Technology also provided additional Engineering analyses and reporting to verify that there was a sufficient margin between the pump axial, lateral, and torsional critical speeds and pump operating speeds to avoid vibration issues in the field.

Interpump was proudly selected as the supplier for these pumps over other competitors. As part of the supply contract, Interpump will also provide site assistance during pump start-up and commissioning.

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