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Project Announcement: Golden Pheasant WPCP Upgrades

The Golden Pheasant Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP), located on Highway 60 in Huntsville, is a conventional activated sludge secondary treatment facility serving the Town of Huntsville. The District of Muskoka is upgrading and expanding the Golden Pheasant WWTP to meet current environmental standards and increase the infrastructure capacity for future population growth. The upgrade involves the addition of a Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) thickening and an aeration tank as proposed in the District of Muskoka class EA study in 2014. Once completed, the plant capacity will increase to 8,100 m3 per day.

Interpump was awarded contract to provide a skid mounted booster system for the WAS thickening system. The booster system will boost effluent water for use in a wash down system on a rotary drum thickener. The system is comprised of a duplex Xylem Goulds pump package (stand by and duty) with VFDs and a Hydro-pneumatic Tank. The pumps are designed and sized to discharge a maximum flow rate of 4.1 m3/hr at 100 psi as per the design requirements. The booster system will connect to existing pressurized effluent water supply.

In addition to the WAS thickening effluent water booster system, the client requested an additional booster package for effluent water for the entire facility to replace their existing effluent water system. The existing system is old and the existing pressure tank often loses its pressure. The new effluent water booster package will have similar capacity to the existing system.

As part of the supply contract Interpump will also provide site assistance during pump start-up and commissioning.

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