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Project Announcement: Booster System Upgrades for Kincardine – Tiverton

The Kincardine Drinking Water System takes water from Lake Huron and treats it using a surface water treatment plant. The distribution system serves the town of Kincardine and residents north of the town via a pipeline. It also serves the Huronville Subdivision Distribution System owned by the Township of Huron-Kinloss. There is a 3,360 m³ standpipe to provide water storage, pressure and fire protection for the distribution system.

The Tiverton Drinking Water System is a groundwater supply consisting of 3 active wells at Briar Hill (2) and Dent Well (1) locations. There is a booster pumping station at each site. The water system is equipped with a 1500 m³ standpipe.

We were contacted by B. M. Ross and Associates Limited, the engineer contracted by municipality, to design the project. BM Ross requested assistance with the selection of booster pumps for the Kincardine site and one of the Tiverton sites. The pumps being replaced are nearing the end of their useful life and the new pumps need to fit in the existing pumping stations with the design conforming to space restrictions as well as the desire for minimal piping modifications. Upgrades to piping and the existing SCADA system are part of the renovation which also includes variable speed drives for the pumps.

The client provided multiple duty points for the pumps at the two sites to supply water service for low demand, high demand and fire service for both current and future demands. The client originally requested the following:

“Rather than a single pump at each site, the Municipality would like to provide 3 pumps at each site for some increased flexibility, if we can physically make the fit work. The revised design points are below; at this point I am wondering if you can help by provided physical dimension info and motor sizes for proposed pumps.”

After a series of selections using Xylem Goulds selection software and several proposals to the engineer, we were able to provide one selection of the newly released Xylem Goulds model eXC horizontal split case pump for each site that could meet all of proposed duty points using variable speed drives. This single pump selection also provides the benefit of having a set of duplicate pumps at each location to allow for a duty – standby operation that is a common requirement in municipal installations.

Interpump is pleased to be selected as the supplier for these pumps over two other competitors. As part of the supply contract Interpump will also provide site assistance during pump start-up and commissioning.

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