Our pump experts are well versed in wastewater handling and can supply you with sump, sewage, effluent, and grinder products from Goulds, Liberty and Liberty Engineered Products. Whether it’s a small residential sump pump or a grinder for a multi-unit housing project, Interpump can supply products up to 15 hp in a range of plumbing and voltage configurations to suit any need.  We support this with accessories such as float switches, panels, basins and alarms from manufacturers including SJE Rhombus.


Utility and Specialty Pumps

Goulds tank


DAB Submersibles

Submersible Pumps

DAB Esybox Mini

Booster Pumps

Pump Packages

Pump Packages

Interpump’s team of experts have a wide range of booster pump products at their disposal, featuring the innovative DAB E.syline of booster systems and pump products from Goulds including the e-SV multistage. 

All of which can be configured to meet your booster pump package requirements.

Pump Builds

Pump Builds

With a wide selection of Xylem Goulds and MP Pumps products, including pump ends, seals, impellers and motors, we can configure the centrifugal pump you need for your specific situation. We have the flexibility to custom assemble and test the pump required to meet your specific application or specification in size ranges from 1/2 – 20 HP.

Whether for an industrial process requirement, building infrastructure, water supply, irrigation, liquid transfer, or other specialty application, Interpump’s Pump Emergency Build program is the solution for the fast and dependable pump replacement.

pump specification

Pump Specification

Whether it’s a potable, wastewater or booster pump application, Interpump’s team of application engineers can size the right pump for the job. Working closely with our vendors, Interpump can specify pumps and accessories from concept to completion.